Beach Villa
Concept design

The villa has been designed to be totally open to the sea and at same time to protect itself from the sun rays. From the seaside, it appears like a glass box inserted into a frame. In this way all the internal areas have big windows looking at the beach, while the two site elevations, have a set of circular windows to break up the internal space with some random views. The back elevation, exposed to the south, is done by a game of blocks, which create the main entrance and some small windows for the ventilation.
Internally, at ground floor, the space is totally open but divided into sectors. At first floor all the rooms facing the see. On the roof, a big slab broken by holes act as sun protection for the all building creating a suggestive sitting area.

Location: Al Ghariya, Qatar Built up area: 820 sq.m
Stores: GF+1Status: proposal