Palace AT
Architectural and interior design project

The villa has been divided into 3 zones: the private area, the family majilis and the main majilis. It is developed around an inner courtyard used as a water feature that also serves to cool the temperature. The living room consists of two levels and is distinguished by a curved roof that joins them into a single room. The windows of the rooms are marked by a system of decorative Arab panels called (musharabya) to protect them from the sun’s rays.
The family majilis is built around a rectangular pool of water that links the private area to the main majilis, which itself consists of two parts: the entrance lobby and the lounge area. The first appears as a glass cube, conveniently covered by a system of sunshades. The second is a long rectangular box decorated with perforated panels to allow the view from inside to outside but not the opposite. These panels, on the ground floor, create a system of sliding doors.

location: Umm Salal, Qatarplot area: 16293 sq.m
built up area: 6915 sq.mstores: B+GF+1+P
status: approved by the municipality and waiting to be built