Building AK

Architectural project

The building is located on the main road and includes shops at the ground and mezzanine level and apartments at the first and second level. These two parts are treated in a different way by playing with volumes to characterize the different functions.

Boutique Hotel AK

Architectural project

has been designed in order to give a sea view to each single room. To reach this scope the perimeter of the building is shaped by steps. At the centre of the hotel instead, a large open-sky courtyard gives light and ventilation. The windows of the rooms on the main front, are characterized by large bow windows that provide a privileged view.

Villa JA

Conceptual design

Inspired by the courtyard typology, traditional in Arab culture, the proposed villa is on 2 levels which “wrap” the central space on 3 sides with simple, square lines. The external staircase, the portico and other traditional elements are re-proposed in a modern way.

Villa WA

Interior renovation project

The villa has a series of spaces arranged around a classic central staircase. The space has been completely modernized and made contemporary through the use of modern boiserie and wallpaper.

Residential Building

Concept design

The building is located in a narrow plot. Because of this, the design privileges the opening on the front and on the back facades. The 2 sides facades have a system of hidden windows by striped cladding to preserve the privacy. To protect the windows from the sun’s rays, the louver system on the front elevation is different from the back one. All the cladding is ventilated. The internal layout is based on a central common spine including the horizontal and vertical links. The apartment area is flexible to different solutions: from 37 to 125 sq.m.

Villa KU

Architectural project

The villa has been divided in 2 areas: the men majlis and the family area. The first one, built on the corner of the land is only a volume marked by a curved glass window contained between 2 walls: it represents the public part of the villa for this reason it is totally “opened” to the street.

Palace AT

Architectural and interior design project

The villa has been divided in 3 areas: the private house, the family majlis and the main majlis. The private house develops itself around an internal courtyard used as pool which functions to cool down the temperature.

Villa MN

Interior design project

The villa has been renovated externally by revising the facades and creating a new landscaping. At the same time the interiors have been completely restructured, by a new classic modern style.
White boiserie creates a "clean and pure" environment while colored marbles and customized furniture give identity to the spaces.
Marble in different shades of blue links the villa to the sea, which can be seen through large windows.

Villa MO

Architectural project

The villa has been divided into 2 parts: the men's majlis and the family one.
The first one, built on the corner of the plot, is a single volume characterized by a large curved window faced the street.
The family part, on the other hand, is built on 2 levels: on the ground floor are the women's majlis and the living area while on the first floor are located the bedrooms.
A large inner courtyard divides the space of the majlis from the family part.

Villa MI

Interior design project

The interiors have been divided in 2 different main areas to satisfy 2 different requirements. The woman's majlis, including the entrance/lobby, 2 sitting areas, dining room and the washing area.